Business Class Immigration Overview

Canada’s growing economy is largely founded upon small and medium size businesses. By securing a Canada Business Visa based on Canadian Business Immigration streams, you too can be part of the vibrant Canadian Economy.

If you are self-employed or an entrepreneur, immigration to Canada is possible through a route known as Business Class Immigration. A business visa for Canada is an excellent immigration route for those who wish to set up their business within Canada.

Programs within the business class are designed to help create businesses which will invest in Canada and contribute to growth of the economy as well as create employment opportunities for Canadians across the country, both at Federal and Provincial levels.

Individuals with business/managerial experience and relatively high net worth may be eligible to apply for a Canada Immigration (permanent resident) Visa under one of the Canadian business immigration programs under one of the following three sub-categories:

Start-Up Visa Program

Canada seeks innovative entrepreneurs who have the potential to build dynamic companies that can compete on a global scale. The Start-Up Visa Program will link immigrant entrepreneurs with experienced private sector organizations that have expertise in working with start-ups. To be eligible, applicant must have a business idea that will convince a designated organization to support the business. An applicant must also have the English and/or French language skills, meet the business ownership requirement, and have sufficient settlement funds.

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Self-Employed Persons Program

Canada seeks to attract applicants who are able to become self-employed in Canada. To be eligible, applicant has to have the relevant experience and the intention as well as the ability to make a significant contribution to the cultural or athletic life of Canada; or experience in farm management and the intention as well as the ability to purchase and manage a farm in Canada.

Relevant experience herein can be 2 years’ participation in cultural activities or athletics at a world-class level or self-employment in cultural activities or athletics or farm management experience. Aside from having a relevant experience, one needs to also pass the five selection criteria in the point system, which includes experience, age, education, language abilities and adaptability.

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Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program

This program is for investors who are planning on investing in Canada. An applicant needs to have a net worth of CDN $10 million or more, and must be willing to make an investment of CDN $2 million in the Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Fund. Other factors such as language skills and education also needs to be assessed.

Provincial Business Streams

Each province and territory in Canada also have their own programs intended for businesspersons or entrepreneurs. Deciding on what program is suited for you is a very important decision. This tantamount to planning your future.

Basic requirements for Business Class Immigration

To be eligible for the below programs, the applicant must demonstrate the following:

  • Ability and intention to invest in a  new or existing Canadian Business
  • Ability to attract Venture Capital for his initiative (Start Up Visa)
  • Several years of experience in business management or senior level management
  • Entrepreneurial skills

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